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Joji Review: Bincy Shines The Brightest In Fahadh Faasil’s Latest

Joji is an Indian Malayalam crime drama film directed by Dileesh Pothan along with Fahad Fassil in a lead role. This story is inspired from K.G George’s ‘Irakal’ and William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Joji is a kind of movie that creates high impact on the audience through the way it is executed. The use of western music as its bgm creates an intrigue. Every actor in Joji has done their best performance. The exceptional performances were of Fahad as Joji, Baburaj as Jomon and Sunny PN as Panachel Kuttappan.

Joji is third in a row of Fahad and Dileesh combo. Apart from the first two movies Joji becomes unique because of the brilliant script by Syam Pushkaran. When we analyse the script of Joji with Macbeth, Joji parallels a few incidents from Macbeth. Joji is not the exact adaptation of Macbeth but Joji is inspired of the major themes in Macbeth.Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches, that one day he will become the King of Scotland, this itself is the context seen in Joji. In Joji we could see Fahad as the one who received the prophecy of becoming rich. Another important factor that Syam created was the potrayal of Bincy, she resembles Lady Macbeth who gave advices to her husband to commit crime.The characters of Jomon and Popy reminds us of Banquo and Fleance respectively. Dileesh and Syam never tried to recreate another Macbeth but they are making a social awareness on the relevance of Macbeth in present society through a rich family. Apart from Dileesh’s other movies Joji seems to be more complicated. Joji has many inner layers in it. The story and perfect execution of the story makes Joji a worth watch . Joji is a reminder of this society with the essence of Macbeth.

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